Some of the most common questions we get at Allianz Global Assistance are about travel while pregnant. While most pregnant women can safely travel without incident, sometimes complications arise and customers wonder, "What does travel insurance cover?"

Like any other kind of insurance, travel insurance includes specific coverage definitions and restrictions. Read your agreement carefully, and if you have any questions about coverage, call. Pregnant women should consult their doctors with concerns and questions about safe travel. Here's the quick guide to travel insurance and pregnancy from Allianz Global Assistance. more ...
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Reasons why you need family travel insurance. Have fun!

Forty-eight packs of peanut butter crackers. Six bright yellow rain ponchos. Three disposable, underwater cameras. And one bottle of really expensive wine.

You packed all of these items into one duffle bag for the big family vacation. And now that Bobby broke his leg, the hotel you booked converted into a nursing home, and a virus has you grounded, you’re not going anywhere. If only you had purchased family travel insurance, then things would have been different, right? more ...
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19 important things to know about Australia before going

If you ever watched the series Home and Away, you know Australia is an extremely beautiful country with vast beaches and cool people and you probably wish to visit someday. If that day is soon, here are 19 things about Australia you should know before going over because things are definitely a little different "Down Under." more ...
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Is renting a car the best thing for Europe vacation travel?

There is no doubt that Europe is one of the top destinations for tourists and revelers around the world. However, as with any trip, the concept of transport is at the core of everything. Given the option to choose between taking a taxi and a rental car, you would most likely make a dash for the former without giving it a second thought. more ...
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10 airlines with the best first class luxury travel cabins

Traveling can be boring and tiresome, but not if you can afford the trappings of first class air travel. With so many features added to modern cabins, long haul flights are now a much more pleasurable experience than in previous years. more ...
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Should travelers be worried about their luggage being lost

If you are a frequent traveler, your worst nightmare would be to lose your luggage and have the airline twiddle their fingers for the next 14 hours or so. Six or seven years ago, cases of baggage getting lost, damaged or otherwise mishandled were a major pain and a cause of embarrassment for most airlines around the world. more ...
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