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Seychelles Trust

Worldwide Incorporation Services is a leading corporate services provider who offers Seychelles Trust formation to clients worldwide.
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International Trust Act 1994 (the “Act”).

The Seychelles trust regulatory framework is provided by the International Trusts Act of 1994. A Seychelles trust may own and trade in other shares, operate bank accounts or even deal in government securities in the country.

Under the Act, the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) is appointed as the regulatory body for trusts, alongside the Court.

Trust Providers

A.C.T.- Offshore Limited
Provide services relating to Seychelles ship and yacht registrations, companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships.

ABACUS (Seychelles) Limited
Services include international business company, special license company, international trusts, mutual & hedge funds, seychelles foundation.

Access Financial Solutions Ltd
Establishment, administration and maintenance of Seychelles Trust.

Appleby Corporate Services (Seychelles) Limited
Offshore trust management and administration services.

Equator Trustees Limited
Registration and management of Seychelles International Trusts.

Fidelity Corporate Services (Seychelles) Limited
Offshore company formation agent, as well as Seychelles International Trusts establishment.

Intercontinental Trust (Seychelles) Limited
Formation and administration of International Business Companies (“IBC”) and Companies with Special Licenses, as well as Seychelles International Trusts.

International Law & Corporate Services (Pty) Ltd
Offers services in the field of international business, offshore trusts, sShip registration and intellectual property.

Jordans Trustees (Seychelles) Limited
Services include offshore trust and foundations.

Legacy Trust Company Limited
Offers professional fiduciary corporate and trust services.

Mayfair Trust Group Limited
Corporate, trustee and foundation services.

NinetyEast Corporate (Seychelles) Limited
Offshore and trusts services.

OCRA Trustees (Seychelles) Limited
Services include offshore companies, offshore banking and offshore trusts establishment.

Omega International Agents Ltd

Company formation, trusts and corporate services.

Sterling Offshore Ltd
Offshore company formation, offshore trusts, private foundations and funds for wealth protection, international business, tax optimization and investment

Trust & Fiduciary Services Ltd
Services include ship registration, banking & finance, offshore services as well as international trusts.

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International Trust Act 1994 (the “Act”)