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Offshore Jurisdictions
Jurisdictions that have relatively large numbers of financial institutions engaged primarily in business with non-residents. These centres provide some or all of the following services: low or zero taxation; effective financial regulations; banking privacy and anonymity, International Business Companies etc...

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Andorra Hong Kong
Anguilla Isle of Man
Antigua & Barbuda Jersey
Aruba Liechtenstein
Austria Madeira
Bahamas Malta
Barbados Nevis
Belize Panama
Bermuda Singapore
British Virgin Islands St Vincent & The Grenadines
Cayman Islands Switzerland
Cook Islands Seychelles
Cyprus Turks and Caicos
Dubai UAE
Gibraltar Vanuatu

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About Jurisdictions
Proponents of offshore financial centers suggest that reputable offshore jurisdictions play a legitimate and integral role in international finance and trade.

Such centers offer huge advantages in certain situations for both corporations and individuals, allowing legitimate risk management and financial planning.